Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Jackie McLean - Monuments (1979)

01. Monuments
02. On The Slick Side
03. They All Seem To Disappear
04. Gotta Get A Piece Of Your Soul
05. Long-Time Lover
06. Doctor Jackyll And Mister Funk
07. The Molimo

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Anonymous said...

One critic labeled this recording as a misstep, and I've seen online postings that are highly critical of this recording. I don't necessarily agree. First of all, this is not a bebop record and it's not trying to be. If you listen to it in context, it's not bad and, in fact, is pretty interesting. It's conceptually similar to the Donald Byrd and Gary Bartz recordings of the era. If you don't like those, you probably won't like this. Jackie sounds good, though, and funky. If you want straight ahead, try Dynasty if you can find it . . . .