Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Dells - We Got To Get Out Thing Together + No Way Back (1975-1976)

Disc 01 - We Got To Get Out Thing Together
01. We Got To Get Our Thing Together
02. Strike Up The Band
03. Reminiscing
04. I'll Be Waiting There For You
05. Thank God You're My Lady
06. Love Is Missing From Our Lives
07. Overnight (Something So Right Went So Wrong)
08. Gotta Get Home To My Baby
09. The Power Of Love
10. You Don't Care

Disc 02 - No Way Back
01. West Virginia Symphony
02. When Does The Lovin' Start
03. I'll Make You My Girl
04. Life Is The Time
05. Ain't No Black And White In Music
06. No Way Back
07. Too Late For Love
08. You're The Greatest
09. Adventure (No Way Back - No Way Back Pt.2)
10. I'll Try Again
11. Slow Motion

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