Friday, May 10, 2013

Gene Page - Close Encounters + Love Starts After Dark (1978-1980)

Close Encounters
01. Close Encounters Of The Third Kind
02. Theme From 'Star Trek'
03. Moonglow And Love Theme
04. Dancin' In The Sky
05. I Feel Like I've Been Livin' (On The Dark Side Of The Moon)
06. Beyond The Hole In Space
07. When You Wish Upon A Star
08. Sho' Like To Ride On Your Star
09. Saturn
Love Starts After Dark
10. Love Starts After Dark
11. With You In The Night
12. Put A Little Love In Your Lovin'
13. Second Time Around
14. You Are The Meaning Of This Song
15. Hold On To That Groove
16. Hollywood
17. I Wanna Dance

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