Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Stacy Lattisaw - Take Me All The Way (1986)

01. Jump Into My Life
02. The Hard Way
03. Take Me All The Way
04. A Little Bit Of Heaven
05. Longshot
06. Nail It To The Wall
07. Love Me Like The First Time
08. You Ain't Leavin'
09. Over The Top
10. One More Noght
Bonus Tracks:
11. Jump Into My Life (Jellybean Remix)
12. Nail It To The Wall (Jellybean Remix)


shorewhorenj said...

I love Stacy Lattisaw - I think this CD is now out-of-print. What a shame I missed the boat on this one!

Anonymous said...

please consider a "re-up"