Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Gap Band - Gap Band 8 (1986)

01. Big Fun
02. I Can't Live Without Your Love
03. Zibble, Zibble (Get The Money)
04. Don't Take It Away
05. Going In Circles (Remix)
06. Keep Holding On
07. I'll Allways Love You
08. How Music Came About (Bop B Da B Da Da)
09. I Owe It To Myself


Jo said...


How do I get a link to this one please?

thx in advance

Admin said...

Hello Jo, I exchange only in Lossless
(Wav, Flac...) + Full cover scans. 70% from the Albums on my Blog are Original CD or Vinyl Rips from my collection, and the other 30% are exchange products. But all of them are to 100% ripped in lossless with cover scans. When you are interested let me know.

deakin said...

Hi there you got some fantastic lp's here. Wow a real treasure chest.

I am interested in grabbing some of these if that is possible. How do I get them. Please let me know. Is it some kind of exhange your after. I have lots of music, perhaps we may swap. Let me know how your blog and music share works.

Admin said...

Hello deakin, Please sent me your mail.

deakin said...

Hi there,

Thanks for getting back to me.

My email is robgoodburn@gmail.com